​​​Reliable, Clean & Professional.....

"Hi Deb, we told the vet it was your suggestion we took Rosie and Daisy to see them and she said we were very lucky to have such an excellent dog groomer. She didn't need to tell us that as we are more than aware. More importantly all three dogs love you to pieces, especially Daisy who just doesn't show affection to many other people outside of our close circle.  We just can't praise you enough. Although we love, and think, we do the best for our animals, we need someone like you to give us good advice to improve the quality of their lives. Not surprised I'm having to book you so far in advance, so will not be recommending you to anyone else or we'll be having to book you 2 years in advance in the future. :-)

Thanks again you're brilliant!"

Urszula L (West Wickham) - July 2016


"Hi Deb, just to say how pleased I am with the brilliant groom you did on Finn on Wednesday afternoon, it is the best grooming Finn has ever had, I will be using you for further grooming on Finn and I will be very happy to recommend you to other people. He looks so lovely. Thank you very much!" - Janet T (West Wickham) - November 2015

"I stumbled across Deb's Dog Grooming and have been using her for over a year now for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Deb talked through what I wanted which was a low maintenance cut as he's not a show dog and I would highly recommend her. She also uses only 'Hand Dryers' rather than 'cage drying' and Cookie always looks and smells good when I collect him!" - Sarah E (West Wickham) - November 2014

"After a few bad experiences with dog groomers I'm so glad I finally found Debs Dog Grooming. She has a unique way of building a loving relationship with my dog, Louis, who was petrified of being groomed but with the time and effort Deb is putting in with him he has progressed so much, I couldn't be happier with the clean, professional and trustworthy service we have received and would recommend her to anyone." - Sarah B (Bromley) - September 2013

"Shambles looks so good now after your great work on him! He is a different dog. I do wish that I had him hand stripped sooner now. I took him to see his friends in the park and he was a sensation. Everyone remarked on how smart he looked and how much more comfortable. He can now see without all of that hair over his eyes. He is easier to groom and parts of him are much fresher as well! Your treatment of Shambles was so kind, letting him play in your garden in the dog tunnel before resuming with the stripping procedure. Your handling of him was so professional as he hates being groomed. He was putty in your hands, you have that special touch with him. We will be back and I am happy to recommend you to all of our friends. See you soon!" - Maureen (West Wickham) - June 2013

 ​"I couldn't believe the difference you have made to my dog, I know what a challenge I gave you with Dusty's coat but you have brought him back to his original splendour.  He seems a lot happier and cooler without all the thick undercoat. Thank you for making him the handsome boy he now is. It's nice to know that my dog is being treated like one of your own, and not caged away waiting his turn. I would recommend your service to anyone, the personal service you provide is second to none." - Rosie (Shirley) - September 2011 

"It was our lucky day when I bought my Rough Collie to Deb. My girl is just 9 months old and shy but we were both put at ease straight away and within minutes she was playing with Deb's own dog and happily followed Deb to her parlour. Well WHAT a difference when I returned after a short time, my girl looked and smelt beautiful and I'm sure she knew it.  When we go there its like home away from home for both of us." - Joy (Downham) - March 2012

"ANOTHER ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE! Just returned from our third visit to Deb's house.  Dolly couldn't wait to go in as she knows that after her 'treatment" she has a game of football and a treat.  It is a very professional service and nothing is too much trouble." - Maria (Bromley) - April 2012

"I'd like to thank you for cleaning up my rather scruffy terrier. Not only does he look and feel great but the house is much cleaner. I would highly recommend you for your special care of Cash as he is always happy to visit you. Many thanks." - Simone (Beckenham) - April 2012