​​​Before & After Photos

Below are some example photos of dogs I've worked on showing the transformations that can be achieved with good cutting or hand stripping.

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Treacle - is clipped in a "lamb cut" with traditional poodle face and feet leaving a plush feeling coat to the touch.

Kipper - an example of hand stripping and the use of thinning scissors on a terrier. This retains the colour and shine of the top coat. 

Tessie - a traditional clipped coat. It's important to ensure a fluid clipping process to avoid clipper blade lines leaving the coat smooth and shiny.

Sky - hand stripped and scissored around the face to ensure a correct shape. Removing the old long hair prevents matting and aids in a fresher smelling dog.

Joe - clipped down on the body and given a traditional Westie head and tail shape.

Rosie - here you can see an example of an annual hand strip for a pet. For a show dog it would typically be done more regularly. 

Eddie - clipped for the summer but still keeping the integrity of his original Teddy cut.

Abby - Rough Collie, with winter undercoat remaining from earlier this year. Bathed, dried and undercoat brushed out. Finished with scisscors and a glossy spray.

Frankie - first groom ever, owners sought my advice and we agreed to hand strip Frankie. The pictures show first her blown coat and then the transformation after grooming was completed.

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