​​​Frequently Asked Questions....

Below are the most commonly asked questions from customers but if your question is not answered, please feel free to contact me.

How do I make an appointment?

Most importantly, when grooming I work on a one to one basis with your dog and never have any other client dogs here at the same time. Of course my own dogs can play with yours in the garden before and after grooming if you and your dog are happy for that to happen.

I work on an appointment only basis, please do not just turn up without an appointment. If you are a first time client it's probably best to call on the number at the top of the page so we can have a quick chat about your dog and what you would like. Alternatively you can use the contact form or email me directly at info@DebsDogGrooming.co.uk

What should I do before my dogs appointment?

Please ensure that your dog has been for a walk and has been allowed to go to the loo. It helps the grooming process if your dog has been exercised beforehand as they are obviously less excited!

Are you mobile?

Unfortunately I do not provide a mobile service and groom from my own home in West Wickham. It would be impractical to transport my professional equipment around. There is plenty of parking and I'm directly on the 119 bus route.

Do I stay with my dog while you are grooming?

Once you have arrived and we have discussed your requirements, along with confirming the cost, you leave your dog with me and I will call you about 20 minutes before your dog will be ready for collection. I've often found that having the owner present can actually make your dog more anxious. If you think you would need to stay with your dog then please let me know beforehand when booking the appointment.

Do you accept Debit/Credit card payments?

Yes, I accept all major credit & debit cards.

What's the difference between clipping & hand stripping?

Hand stripping is not appropriate for all breeds. Typically it is used on breeds having harsh guard hair (terriers, gundogs etc.) and gives a more natural look. The dead hair is pulled (stripped) from the coat but does not hurt the dog when done properly as only the dead guard hairs are removed. It helps to maintain the colour and texture of the coat. It should be noted that if, after consultation, you decide to have your dog hand stripped it must not be bathed for 48 hours before or after hand stripping as the skin pores may still be open.

Clipping is generally used for most breeds, except double coated dogs (e.g. Rough Collie, GSD, mountain dogs) as this can make their coat curly and fluffy leading to matts. It will cut through the coat to a desired length with any finishing done by hand using scissors and the dog can be bathed at the same time.

Bathing your dog at home

Dogs should not be washed more than once a month, as it removes too many oils from the coat and causes it to become dry. 

Before bathing any dog with a significant coat (Westie, Cockerpoo, Collie etc.) make sure you brush, brush and brush some more before bathing. If you bath your dog while they have matts the matts will just get tighter and tighter. These are often then too painful to brush out (I will only De-Matt 30% of a dogs body) and under the animal welfare act it is, quite rightly, deemed too cruel to De-Matt a whole dog.

Choose an appropriate shampoo for your dog and do not use human shampoo or baby shampoo. 

Do not rub the coat vigorously when drying as this will cause matting. Also, don't encourage your dog to rub themselves on the furniture or carpet as this will just cause more matting.

If you choose to use a hairdryer never use a hot setting and brush your dog while drying. If you are struggling with matts please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Do you offer a walking or boarding service?

No I do not offer a Dog walking or boarding service. However, I highly recommend Pebbles Pets, based in Shirley, for any walking or boarding needs. In fact, I use Liza and her family to look after my own dogs when required. Click on the image below for her website and contact details:

Pebbles Pets

Where can I purchase dog grooming and other dog/pet products?

For all your local Dog and pet related products I recommend Waggles Pet Emporium in West Wickham high street. They stock a large range of Dog Grooming products as well as all other pet related items. They are open 7 days a week. Click on the image below for their website and further details:

Waggles Pet Emporium